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Having been based back in the UK for 9 months, in August 2012 I returned to Vietnam.  I head straight back to the northern tip of the country, not far from the Chinese border.  Ha Giang is without a doubt the most incredible region I’ve ever visited. Returning 2 years after my first visit, I was reunited with the remote hill tribes and awe inspiring scenery.  It was just as undiscovered as it had been two years earlier.  Ha Giang is one of Vietnams best kept secrets, accessible only by local bus and motorbike.

Peeling The Onion


Peeling The Onion

“For her photo essay, Peeling the Onion, British photographer Cate Gunn spent six solid hours meandering through the streets of Hanoi. She hoped to capture moments of a city straddling the remnants of its past and the lure of modernity. Here she talks to Nga Hoang about her work.” September 2011

When I arrived in Hanoi in May 2010, the city was described to me as a giant onion, to be explored and understood layer by layer.

As such a feast for the eyes, it was difficult knowing where to look next. During the next 18 months, I was drawn to many different reflections mirroring the contrasting layers of the city.

I have explored the modern, dynamic, upbeat and rapidly changing visions of the city as well as its softer, more traditional, cultural and calmer refuges. The resulting images are a combination of reflections seen in glass, mirrors and water, all of which document the layers that make Hanoi truly unique.



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