• Qualifications: MA Inclusive Arts Practice, University of Brighton (current study). Photo Voice Participatory Workshop Training, Photo Voice, London; (Art Psychotherapy – incomplete MA with one years experience), Goldsmiths University, London; BA Sociology, University of Leeds;  Photography Diploma, The Photography Institute; Art Foundation Diploma, Kingston University; CELTA (teaching English as a second language), Stanton School of English (British Council accredited).


  • Interests: Photography, Sociology, art, culture, travel, exploring the unknown, hiking, riding old motorbikes, stalling old motorbikes, packing, unpacking, observing life, watching people, saving money, planning trips.


  • Commitments: Previous outreach worker for London’s Street Homeless at Thames Reach, http://www.thamesreach.org.uk; Blue Dragon’s Children’s Foundation, Breaking the poverty cycle in Vietnam, http://www.streetkidsinvietnam.com; member of the Royal Geographical Society with a passion for the natural environment and the harmonious relationship between people and planet; advocate of the ethics of deep ecology, and anti anthropocentric environmentalism.


  • Dreams: a solution to the free-spirited quest to embrace the transience of nomadic global travel, and the desire to belong.


My Work

Participatory Photo Voice Projects

Informed by the work of PhotoVoice in addition to my own experiences, I facilitate participatory photography projects with marginalised or disadvantaged groups and individuals. Here the camera is used to build skills for the promotion of positive social change. It is also used innovatively as a therapeutic tool for children and adults with physical disabilities as well as learning difficulties and mental health support needs.

Below are some of the key areas in which the camera can facilitate personal change:

Building confidence and capacity
Therapeutic suppport
Creative fun and play
Enabling voices to be heard
Vocational training
Supporting the development of social and media skills
Building community
Increasing participation
Building dialogue
Creating knowledge
Raising awareness and educating
Advocacy and campaigning
Generting press and media coverage

I have a full Enhanced DBS. If you would like to contact me regarding the above plese email me at capturedonceuk@gmail.com


Personal Photography Projects

External – Culture, Society, displacement and belonging

I’ve travelled extensively and lived in Africa and South East Asia.  Much of my work has been travel and community based, but having explored the unknown and experienced life as an outsider, I gained further experience as a Street Outreach Worker for the street homeless. My photographic work has focused on London projects, reflecting issues of displacement in society as well as celebrating the more eccentric or hidden past times of people in my home land. In 2013 I moved to Witney, Oxfordshire to experience life in the countryside. Here I took time to reflect after a busy spell in London. I am now focusing on Photo Voice methodologies, using the camera as a therapeutic tool to empower individuals, allowing them to develop their own voice.

Internal – Art Psychotherapy,  Art as a healing tool

As a previous Masters student in Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths University, London, I continue to explore the use of art as a healing tool, with a quest to unravel the unconscious mind.

Natural Environments

An escape from chaos, physically and mentally, with a focus on the power of nature and it’s place in and around urban environments.


Travel, editorial and fine art images can be viewed and purchased at www.capturedonce.co.uk




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