Beyond A Thousand Hills Production And Print Sale

After our successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year the Beyond A Thousand Hills team are excited to announce the production of our photography book. Our ambition for the book is to share a visual account of present day Rwanda as well as an exploratory lens into the country’s future potential.  As the chapters take shape I have the huge challenge of choosing and working with thousands of exciting photos.


We intimately explore contemporary Rwanda from land, water and air in order to celebrate the inspiring stories, developments and stunning landscapes across the country.


The book will be split into two sections: Rwanda Today: Celebrating the beauty and diversity of Rwanda, from stunning landscapes and charismatic wildlife to colourful street scenes. Rwanda Tomorrow: Celebrating the innovative people and pioneering projects that are building a bright and exciting future for the country.


We’ve also created a gallery of images for sale on the Beyond A Thousand Hills website and will be holding a print sale in Kigali this October.

framed-printDuring our next visit we’ll be documenting the official opening of Rwanda’s first international cricket stadium as well as trekking up north to photograph the newly opened Bisate Lodge.


With growing interest in the book and our wider project, we’ve had queries from a number of airlines who are keen to feature Beyond A Thousand Hills in their in-flight magazines. We’re currently piecing together some short photography essays. If you’re flying into East Africa later this year, you may well see us on-board!


For further information on the project, for print sales or to pre-order our upcoming book please contact


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