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An endurance challenge –  running for positive social change

A photographic documentary – showcasing the modern face of an exciting nation

Thanks to all of those who have been following us in the build up to Run Rwanda this August. We are doing our final preparations before we head off on 29th July. Just to recap…

John Gunn will be taking on the challenge of running 211 miles across the land of 1000 hills. With myself as a photographer in tow, we’ll be showcasing Rwanda, capturing it’s beauty and creativity as we navigate a trail across the country.

We’re working in partnership with the African Entrepreneur Collective (AEC), a local business accelerator, and throughout our journey we’ll be meeting local entrepreneurs who will be sharing their own passions and inspiring stories.

Our photo book on Rwanda will tell the story of the positive economic development of the country and we believe that a narrative told through the lens of local entrepreneurs will be both accessible and inspiring.

Please donate to the AEC here and help make this an even more inspiring story, showcasing Africa’s exciting Entrepreneurial Nation.



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