Navigating a trail of positive social and economic change in Rwanda

Run Rwanda blank book

Please fill these pages on Kickstarter!

An endurance test – navigating and documenting a trail of positive social and economic change in Rwanda

What’s happening?

This August runner John Gunn will be attempting to run 211 miles across ‘the land of 1000 hills’. Working in partnership with the African Entrepreneur Collective  John will be creating a trail of stories from the north to the south of the country, visiting inspirational individuals with something to say. Travelling on foot will allow a hugely intimate experience of Rwanda and its people and each stop will focus on real life stories from a selection of Rwanda’s most inspiring local entrepreneurs.

Empowering individual stories?

My job is to collate the stories of these inspiring individuals, listening to their individual voices. As I document the journey, rather than keeping full photographic control myself,  I will also be passing creative control to the individuals I meet. Giving them the camera and allowing them to photograph and represent from their perspective and vision, their ideas, their businesses and the space in which they work.

For information on the initiative and to help fill the pages of this book, please back us on Kickstarter 

Information on the run can be seen on our Run Rwanda website.

Thank you!


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